DeepInvoice is a product of DeepReader that is used for Template-free multilingual Invoice Reading. It supports integration with several ERP solutions e.g., COUPA, S4/HANA. DeepInvoice can significantly speed up invoice processing time, reduce errors and manual effort, and increase efficiency and accuracy in the finance and accounting departments. Additionally, it can help organizations to better manage their accounts payable processes, improve cash flow management, and achieve better visibility into their financial operations. The process of invoice reading typically involves the following steps:

    Optical character recognition (OCR): The system uses OCR technology to convert scanned or digitized images into editable text.

    Classification: The system classifies documents to an invoice or credit note.

    Data extraction: The system uses Deep Learning to automatically extracts relevant information such as invoice number, date, vendor name, items purchased, and amount due from the invoice.

    Data validation: The extracted information is verified against business logic, and regulations to ensure accuracy with optional use of master data.

    Data integration: The extracted information is integrated into the company’s financial or accounting systems, reducing the need for manual data entry.

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… extracts all relevant data from business tax notices and to map it with the respective  process and the process-related tasks. It can be used in companies of any size and can be easily configured for further systems, such as specific ERP software. With our application you accelerate your processes and increase compliance and efficiency. Your advantages are:

  • Retain sovereignty over your data and processes.
  • Work from anywhere and from any device
  • Benefit from economies of scale and state-of-the-art technology
  • Integrate the solution appropriately into existing infrastructure and processes.
  • Use generic solutions for your group or your shared service.
  • Build on existing resources and expertise.

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Intelligent Accounting Assistant

… is a dynamic product with multilingual support used for automatic verification of various types of documents such as purchase orders, quotations, invoices, bank confirmations and delivery bills. Documents are uploaded to Adam, classified based on their language and type and scanned deeply through, the required information is extracted and then stored in the appropriate inventory through intelligent matching. IAA also provides the option to keep human-in-the-loop to verify the extracted information from the documents & its automatic clustering. In this way, the information required by the customer can be extracted quickly and efficiently through automation with little human involvement.

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Intelligent Balance Validator

    … recognizes barcodes, handwriting and check boxes in documents, making it easier for professionals to verify information. This technology has a wide range of applications, including digitization of heterogeneous forms and automatic data entry. As a service, it enables accurate recognition and transcription of handwritten text. IBV’s barcode reader enables computers to automatically recognize and decode barcodes. This technology improves efficiency, accuracy and speed compared to manual document review and can help organizations better manage their operations and reduce errors. Book A Demo


Customer Specific Customized Solutions

DeepReader platform is enriched with diverse range of generic document analysis services (classification, extraction, table analysis, specialized handwriting recognition, form analysis, barcode reader, intelligent matching etc.) which can be used to quickly build customer specific solutions. We are happy to understand customer problems and use DeepReader platform to provide specific solutions! Get in contact with us now Contact Us